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Title: Improvement of Educational Process based on software development for Virtual and Remote labs
Authors: Tarasov, O.
Sahaida, P.
Vasylieva, L.
Keywords: embedded system
virtual lab
remote lab
arning process
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Faculty of Education of the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra
Citation: Tarasov, O., Sahaida, P., & Vasylieva, L. (2016). Improvement of Educational Process based on software development for Virtual and Remote labs.
Abstract: Principles of the use of web-based distance learning and educational process adaptation are elaborated for students of technical specialties studying various aspects of information technologies’ application. Possibilities of implementation of the tasks of the development and application of remote lab (R-LAB) and virtual lab (V-LAB) technologies for the learning process to enhance practical orientation are revealed. Application of Embedded Systems for computer education and for the control of technical objects can improve students' motivation, because actions are taken with physical objects; also it can increase diversity of software systems to be created in future. Examples of the use of different software as a part of educational process for students of various technical specialties studying Information Technology are presented. In general, development of a physical object of control or management, installation of drive actuators, development of control algorithms, integration with computer systems and remote access using web-based technologies is the basis for cooperative work of students of different specialties.
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